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Bulletin for 7 February

Stewardship - It's Not about the Money
Or is It?


So Why the Reluctance?

I get a little uncomfortable when I hear (or see!) a reluctance to talk about money in Church. To do this correctly, the biblical attitude of Christ is the only one that 'works' – beginning with an interior conviction (and repentance) and the speaker’s willingness to live the way of sacrificial stewardship before speaking about it. Walking a narrow path, recognizing that people are where they are in life and that money is important to them, is to start in the same place where our Lord started.

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Bulletin for 24 January

The Light That Shines

Baptism of jesus Christ

The Argo, a merchant ship sailing off the New England coast, ran aground and lost its cargo. It was traveling at night and in dense fog. The captain later explained that the ship was only three degrees off course. Those three degrees eventually meant a difference of ten miles at the point the ship hit ground. The ship's instruments had malfunctioned and in the darkness the captain could not see that he was approaching land.

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St. John's Famous Holubtsi & Pirohy Sale

Holubtsi & Pirohy Sale

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Bulletin for 17 January

The Blessing of Homes

Visit to Zacchaeus

The custom of blessing homes during the Theophany season is of special beauty and significance. It is not simply a sentimental tradition without meaning, nor is it a custom whose meaning we have forgotten, like an old friend whose face we remember, but whose impact on our life has been forgotten.

When an Orthodox Christian believer moves into a new home, he dedicates his new home as the abode of a follower of Christ. He asks that God, the source of all goodness and the Giver of every perfect gift, to bless his house and all that is within it; he recalls that Jesus Christ, His Son, came to bring Salvation to il, even as He brought Salvation to the house of Zacchaeus; he prays that the Holy Spirit may abide in it, guiding those who dwell in it in the Paths of righteousness.

On the Feast of Theophany we rededicate our home for its original purpose, just as we must periodically rededicate our life to Christ. We do it especially on this Feast because this is the day on which we remember in the Church Year the coming of Christ who began His Ministry when He descended into Jordan to be Baptized by St. John the Forerunner and Baptist. He enters again into our lives reminding us that we must “repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.”

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Bulletin for 10 January

David the King, Joseph the Betrothed
and James, the Brother of the Lord

Various Saints: Holy Fathers, Mothers

The Birth of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ in the Flesh is celebrated for 8 days, and on the Sunday after the Nativity, the Church celebrates in particular the memory of the Holy Righteous Ones: David the King, Joseph the Betrothed and James, the Brother of the Lord. The Orthodox Church draws our attention on this Sunday after the Nativity of Our Lord, as it does for all important feasts, to the lesser characters who are involved in the meaning of the feast. This happens twice during the eight-day Nativity celebration: The day after the Nativity when we gather to commemorate the Holy Birthgiver-of-God, and on this Sunday following the feast.

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Bulletin for 3 January

Reasons to Fast

Various Saints: Holy Fathers, Mothers

For us modern Christians faith, for the most part, is being divorced from life: we do not live in full agreement with the teachings and demands of our faith. Our faith so clearly and so definitely teaches us to renounce everything corruptible and earthly and to concentrate with all our thoughts and feelings on the incorruptible eternal life awaiting us. Theoretically, perhaps, we accept this (although of late there has appeared a special current of "neo-Christianity" which does not even want to accept this theoretically, but has thought up a completely new, heretofore unknown pseudo-Christian world view aimed at binding man more firmly to an earth which supposedly has been transfigured and sanctified by Christ's coming into the world), we admit the end of the world, the Second Coming of Christ, the Last Judgment, and the future life, but in practice we live and act as if none of this is to be expected and we have only to make ourselves comfortable here on earth by providing for ourselves all sorts of good things and conveniences. We do not really want to think about the death which unavoidably awaits every one of us and we do not prepare ourselves as we ought for the future eternal life before us.

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